What Your Sleeping Position Tells About Your Health

Sleeping positions are not only weird, but they also reveal some unknown facts about your health. Read on to explore now. The post What Your Sleeping Position Tells About Your Health appeared first on sleeproperly.com.

We rely on sleep for rest and rejuvenation. A better sleep gives us the energy and strength we need to take on another day. Although sometimes without any warning, we wake up from our peaceful slumber to mysterious aches and pains. Most often the ugly culprit behind these illnesses are improper sleeping positions. What Your Sleeping Position Tells About Your Health Stomach Sleeping Laying flat on your stomach puts a lot of pressure on muscles and joints in your body, flattening the natural curves in your lower back. In addition to this, placing your neck at an elevated angle for an extended period of time can cause a misalignment of the spine. Pushing your face into a pillow can stretch the skin causing fine lines and even breakouts. Laying flat on your chest inhibits deep breathing and smashes your breasts causing them to look less perky. This position can eventually lead to aching muscles and pinched nerves that cause tingling and numbness. If you continue to sleep in this position, plan to use a thin pillow under your head or even no pillow at all. Fetal Curve Sleeping Like stomach sleeping, this position can cause breast sagging and premature wrinkles but it also affects your breathing. Tucking your legs into your chest restricts the diaphragm and causes the stomach to press on the oesophagus possibly leading to acid reflux. On the upside, the curved pose can be beneficial in taking stress off your spine. What Your Sleeping Position Tells About Your Health Side Sleeping While breast sagging and breakouts can occur in this position as well, this is one of the more healthy poses you can choose. With your legs slightly tucked, ideally with a pillow between your knees, and head bent slightly forward, you elongate the spine and support its natural curvature. Side sleeping, particularly on the left side, can assist in reducing heartburn pain. This position is also ideal for pregnant women as it allows the best flow of blood and nutrients to the baby. Back Sleeping This is the best sleeping position next to lying on your side. Lying on your back allows for the proper alignment of your spine and organs. It also promotes an even distribution of your body weight so the likelihood of you waking up achy is very minimal. Placing a pillow under your knees while you sleep also helps to maintain the position throughout the night. Those suffering from sleep apnea might not find this position beneficial as it can cause breathing difficulties. Tips For A Sound Sleep Moving around in your sleep promotes healthy blood circulation, so it might be a good idea to shift from your side to your back occasionally if you’re not too much of a light sleeper. Sleeping with a pillow under your head and shoulders can cause significant upper back and neck pain. Adding a pillow here and there can make you more comfortable by removing pressure on certain areas of your body. Consider using a pillow to fold your arms over when sleeping on your side or under your lower back while lying face up. The post What Your Sleeping Position Tells About Your Health appeared first on sleeproperly.com.