Vintage Comics: All About Them

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In times when kids get access to computer screens for reading comics, paper vintage comics may seem to be losing their charm. However, the reality is that it is not so and the craze for collecting vintage comics is increasing day by day. The reason behind this rising popularity is some really good movies which hit the screen recently. Moreover, the games and videos based on these characters have also contributed to the rising demand of vintage comics. Golden History Of Vintage Comics Vintage Comics: All About Them As per some experts, these vintage comic publications have a long history to boast about. Some believe that these comics developed from newspaper comic strips which came into being in 1800s. However, some of the modern collectors are of the opinion that ‘Yellow Kid’ was the first modern comic character. It appeared for the first time in the New York Journal in the year 1896. Thus, these vintage comics are said to have a here-to-stay persona which makes them all the more impressive. When Did Superheroes First Appear In Vintage Comics? With so many superheroes marking the comic world, some may wonder when did these heroes first made an appearance? So, when was the first time when Superman appeared in the comic world or the first time when Iron Man made his appearance? Let us read about the first appearances of these heroes in the vintage comics. Tales of Suspense #39 Iron Man gained popularity when Robert Downey Jr. introduced him in the Marvel comics. However, Tony Stark was not always as famous as he is now. Iron Man first showed up in the 39th issue of Tales of Suspense. When this vintage comic was sold at an auction, it was priced at $900. Amazing Fantasy #15 Amazing Fantasy is among those comics which were sold for more than $1 million. In fact, it is still in high demand due to its introduction of Spider Man. As per a research done in the world of comics, Spider man is the highly collected comic. The lowest price for the said comic is even $4000. Thus, if you have the particular comic, it will surely make you a millionaire. Action Comics #1 This particular comic is surely a record breaker as it has impressed many readers. Priced at $3.2 million, the majestic Superman ruled the comic world. Though Marvel Comics is ruling the Cinematic world nowadays, but Superman has always been the king of the comic world. This comic strip got published in the year 1938. Vintage Comics: All About Them Flash Comics #1  Flash Comics is surely a well known name in the comic world. However, before Allen wore the red suit, Jay Garrick took care of the title of the Scarlet Speedster. The said comic strip debuted in the year 1940 and since then it has made a wonderful niche for itself in the sector. Conclusion: Vintage Comics Still Rule Vintage comics have surely made a name for themselves in the comic world. Readers from all over the world make all kinds of efforts to collect these old yet valuable comic pieces. Happy collecting! The post Vintage Comics: All About Them appeared first on