Top 5 Water Guns this 2018


One of the most troubling things for a parent is figuring out how to entertain their children. When a kid is still young, there is a need for the parents to look after them. The thing with kids is that they get bored a lot and when that time comes the parents find themselves flustered with what to do next.

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Some people prefer to make their kids watch television, but sometimes kids just get so bored television too that they end up pestering their parents a bit more.

This is the reason why parents need to keep on buying toys if their children are still at a very young age. But the thing with toys is that they also get outdated. With that, it becomes the obligation of parents to get into the trending toys so that they can capture their kids’ interests.

During my time, I loved playing with water guns, but there is no denying that these kinds of toys have lost its touch these days. Or has it? From what I’ve heard there are already different kinds of water guns that your kids can enjoy today.

Surely, if you give your kids the water guns that you have been used to playing with as a kid, then you can be certain that they will not enjoy it very much. But if it were to get some of the new water guns, like the ones that are listed in this article, I am pretty sure your kids won’t stop playing them. After all, kids are known to have a certain love for playing with water.

Water gun – Best 3 Guns Pack Kids Pump Foam Blaster Soaker – Top Summer Beach Lake and Backyard Pool Toys – Age 3-10 – Boys and Girls – Prime

Alright, I’ll admit it. These things do not even look like a water gun, to begin with. They look more like dinosaur action figures.

Well, if you are thinking that, then you will probably be surprised with what I am about to tell you. We all know that playing with a water gun is fun, if there is something that will make it more fun, it would be having to play it around water. I’m thinking about a pool, a beach, or something else. The kids only have to push on a button behind it so that water will flush out.

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Boley 10 Pack Super Water Soaker Gun – Easy to Fill Water Guns

Well, if there is a water gun you can play on the water itself, then there should be a water gun that you can play on the ground and this is it.

These things are available in different colors and are bound to have been made using only the best materials you can ever find.

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Hellofuture Gun Pistol Soaker Squirt Hot Summer At Seaside, Swimming Pool, Water Park, Yard, Toy Game

During summertime, these things are sure to come in handy, for your kids of course. If you come to think about it, all water guns can come in handy during the summer, only that this one can actually give you that summer feels because of its style and design.

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Bazooka Super Soaker Water Gun – WISH TIME Activity Fun Play Fight Blaster Super Soaker Fits Screw Top Pump Action Pistol Shooter With Removable Bottle (Upgrade to Cola bottle ) for Adult, Kids

How is this one different from the other water guns here? Well, it is quite simple really. Among all the water guns here, this is the only that can shoot long range but don’t worry since it is made out of high-quality materials, it is not going to hurt anyone.

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2 Pack Shark Water Squirt Gun 8 Inches – Great Party Favors For Kids Bag Stuffers, Fun, Gift, Prize, Outdoor, Summer, Toy – By Kidsco

Your kids will surely love the idea of having a water gun in the house, but what will the toy more interesting is the fact that they come in shark designs.

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