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Having to choose for your next pair of basketball shoes can be a little difficult because there are many things that you should consider to make the price worth it. Also, you need to discover the latest releases, feedbacks and review the product, the cost, and of course, getting the right size. If you consider yourself too picky when it comes to basketball shoes, well that’s okay because basket shoes play a significant role in playing: they grasp the floor so to allow quick cuts and crossovers, they give impact protection and lower the stress on the knees and feet, and they give protection and support to the knees and ankles. And in order for a pair of shoes to give these services, they must be in good condition. Just a little help for you to find your way to the right shoes, here are the top 10 basketball shoes.

Top 10: Under Armour Curry 4 Low

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This has a sole that is the same from its High version. This is a good thing when talking about multi-directional traction pattern, but most experts do love an upgrade. Always! The cheap and synthetic materials in the High version were changed with more comfortable and premium knit in the Curry 4 Low. Overall, these shoes are good for those who like a light, responsive and minimal low-top footwears. 

Top 9: Nike Kobe AD NXT

This product of Nike is an ultimate upgrade over the Kobe AD. It has a new lacing system that would make you very comfortable and secured. Overall, this has a good performance for quick guards and can be purchased at Amazon.

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Top 8: Nike Kyrie 4

Among the Kyrie signature line, the Kyrie 4 is the best overall performer and fits all categories. It has a cushioning that is definitely much more comfortable than the previous models. It also gives a good impact protection and a responsive court feel all at the same time. It has a well-done mesh and suede that gives comfort and full support. Rest assured, there is no heel slippage or lateral movement. Overall, this is a great choice for those who want a well-rounded basketball shoe. 

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Top 7: Jordan Why Not Zero.1

This is the first signature sneaker of Russel Westbrook that has been a hit to many shoe lovers and shoe reviewers. It is made with full-length cushioning that is usually used for a much more expensive type of shoes. It is responsive, offers full support and works well to give stability during quick moves. This is good to use for clean courts but in dustier places, you would definitely need a harder wiping. Overall, this is worth the entire price and can be bought on Amazon.

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Top 6: Air Jordan 32 Low

A low version of the Air Jordan 32 shoes, this is made with the same premium materials but has a slightly improved traction and comfortable cushioning as the mid. Unfortunately for some, the traction still needs improvement especially if it will be used on dusty courts. Overall, it is a good choice for those who want the freedom and flexibility of low top basketball shoes.

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Top 5: Adidas Dame 4

This is the latest sign of Damian Lillard that was loved by a lot of shoe critics. It has optimized cushioning for lighter guards and gives a great court feel together with enough amount of impact protection. It would take a little while for the traction to break in, but the shoes work really good in clean courts. It is snug with a lockdown support and has an extremely low silhouette, perfect for the quick guard who wants a responsive, light, and low-to-the-ground basketball shoes. 

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Top 4: Air Jordan 32

After the Air Jordan 31, many shoe critics have said that it had a great improvement. Many people appreciated the traction and loved the premium materials used in making the shoes. It is made of segmented Zoom Air cushioning with a low to the ground feel and a good bounce and impact protection. It can be hard to put on at the beginning, but the next uses will make it all easy. Overall, Air Jordan 32 is an all-around performer that is fit for all types of a basketball player.

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Top 3: Nike Lebron 15

According to shoe critics, the Noke Lebron 15 is perhaps the best Lebron signature since. It has a combination of Air Max and Zoom that definitely gives an ultimate comfortable cushion. This is best for bug guys that need a lot of impact protection. It has a premium Battleknit upper and is overall a perfect footwear for heavy guys who are looking for maximum comfort and cushioning. 

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Top 2: Adidas D Rose 8

Traction and Support: If you are looking for shoes that are excellent when it comes to traction and support, then Adidas D Rose 8 should be yours. It has an all-new zipper traction pattern that gives excellent traction even on dusty courts. It has full-length Boost cushioning that is perfectly balanced to give the best impact protection it could give. These shoes can be made of basic and seemingly cheap materials, but they are absolutely what made the shoes great! For those who want to have a supportive high top with excellent traction and support, you can have yours now at Amazon.

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Top 1: Adidas Crazy Explosive PrimeKnit 2017

After the success of the 2016 model, this Adidas Crazy Explosive PrimeKnit 2017 has been another apple of every reviewer’s eye. It has a very excellent cushioning made from premium materials so it would have an excellent support. The only downside is the stiff upper part that takes a while to break.

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