The Top 5 Things To Know And Consider When Buying A Hammock

For outdoor lovers, hammocks take the experience to a whole new level. Nothing can compare to the relaxation, comfort, and beauty of being gently lulled to sleep or rest in a hammock. These 5 factors will help you when you buying a parachute hammock.

The cost

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For someone who loves the outdoors, you want to get a hammock that will give you value for your money. Cheaper hammocks might disappoint you when it comes to the quality of the fabric and its durability.

Amore expensive hammock will assure you of a one-off long-term investment. You will get quality triple stitching, longer and stronger tree straps and soft fabric that is very comfortable.

The size

The hammocks come in different sizes. The common sizes are the single and double size.

We recommend you get a single-size one because it is much more comfortable than and not as bulky as a double size. Double-size hammocks cannot accommodate two people comfortably for a long time or overnight.

Hammock material

Hammocks are traditionally made up of cotton material. Although comfortable, this material fades when the hammock is left outdoors under high temperatures, is not portable because it is very heavy.

The parachute hammock is made of light nylon fabric which makes it strong and durable. It is also soft and comfortable, compact and easily foldable, fitting into its bag.

Hammock Accessories

Some brands will include various accessories with your purchase. Otherwise, you need to purchase these accessories for you to enjoy using your hammock.

Choose strong tree-friendly straps to help attach the hammock to trees easily for great suspension. This will prevent snapping accidents that can be fatal to you.

If you are planning to go camping or to sleep outdoors ensure you buy a specially-fitted sleeping pad that will keep the cold out and lets you sleep like a baby outdoors.

Hammock rain tarps are good to keep you dry during the unexpected or for those cold breezes at night.

Don’t forget the bug nets which come in handy during warm summer camping trips. These should be made of superfine netting material that can keep even the smallest bugs away.

A good inflatable pillow will let you have a better night’s sleep. It can also be used in all weather conditions.

Hammock Weight

Lightweight hammocks are made of parachute nylon which makes them very comfortable yet strong enough. They are easy to set up and have many uses. They are also compact and can easily fit into a backpack, making them great for hiking.


Although there are many other factors that one should consider when buying a hammock, these 5 tips should give you the confidence to go out and buy one. An experience outdoors in a parachute hammock is quite unforgettable.

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