The Pokemon Company Reveals Version-exclusive Pokemon for Let’s Go, Pikachu, Let’s Go, Eevee

With a launch date set for November for this year, The Pokemon Company—the same company which brought the Pokemon RPG to the mainstream—has released some new information at what is in store with its new up and coming titles, Let’s Go, Pikachu and Let’s Go, Eevee.

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In line with a new trailer which gives a visual perspective of what players can expect from the game, the company has also disclosed some important pieces of information which should be expected for game titles which always come in two’s—the exclusive contents which are unique to each title.

As was the case with the previous Pokemon RPG titles, Let’s Go, Pikachu and Let’s Go, Eevee will feature some contents that are unique from one another. According to the company, Let’s Go, Pikachu should contain the Pokemon Growlithe, Sandshrew, and Growlithe, each of which has its own evolutions which further add to the Pokedex; while Let’s Go, Eevee, on the other hand, will feature Meowth, Vulpix, and Bellsprout, involving their unique first-gen evolutions.

At this point, only the aforementioned Pokemon are announced for each version of the game which is significantly three Pokemon less in comparison to the first Pokemon RPG titles Pokemon Red and Blue. Both Pokemon Red and Blue contain 6 unique Pokemon on their roster, not including their evolutions.

But like the very first generation of Pokemon RPGs that hit the original Nintendo GameBoy, there’s a good reason why they come as a duo than stand-alone titles—it is to promote the trading between players—and thereby the level of engagement to the franchise—who have different versions of the game. Of course, there is also the topic of profitability as well as buying a game title, essentially twice.

The idea of making the inherently same game into two unique titles might sound like a gimmick. But it is one that had been making The Pokemon Company significant profit since and which had, at some point, become a model for other companies to follow, all for the sake of increased profit. Capcom, for instance, had previously adopted this kind of business model with its lineup of titles from the MegaMan Battle Network franchise beginning on MegaMan Battle Network 3 White and Blue.

But for players who could not afford to avail of the two titles upon release, Nintendo is still giving players the option to complete their Kanto Pokedex by trading with players who play the opposite version online. However, such convenience may entail players having a valid subscription of Nintendo Switch Online to do the transaction remotely.

In addition, The Pokemon Company also unveiled other in-game features which players might surely love such as being able to customize their own avatar, dress up their Pokemon with outfits and accessories, and the simulation element of feeding and petting their Pokemon.

Looking into the trailer, it also gave a showcase at what the game would look like in-game, particularly the characters which the players are likely to encounter, most notably, the gym leader Misty.

Let’s Go, Pikachu and Let’s Go, Eevee is based on the classic first-gen Pokemon RPG, Pokemon Yellow, and is slated for release on November 16, 2018.


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