Stan Lee & Marvel Comics: Facts You Should Know

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We all are fans of Stan Lee & Marvel comics. Though his life was an open book, there are many things which you still do not know. Stan Lee & Marvel comics are insanely popular. He was the creator of some of the greatest superheroes of humanity. Here we bring to you some of the unknown facts from his life which will shock you. A Peek In To The Life Of Stan Lee & Marvel Comics ·        One of the most shocking things which no one knew was that Stan Lee never went to a barber in his adult life. And this is because his wife Joanie was the one who always cut his hair. It reflects a cute and romantic side of the great man and his wife. Stan Lee & Marvel Comics: Facts You Should Know ·        Stan Lee was a confident man, and most of his works were a humongous hit. But where did his confidence came from? As a child, he read a lot, and he always got the support from his mother in the same. And the fact that his mother thought of his as the best gave him the necessary confidence to excel in his life. ·        It is a surprising fact that he did not start writing by writing about the great superheroes. Instead, he first wrote obituaries for various celebrities in several news offices. But ultimately he left that job because it was too depressing for him. ·        After this, he went on to work at Timely Comics, and there he got an opportunity to write a snippet about Captain Marvel. This was his first significant break and became an instant hit upon its release. This was also the first comic that came with his name on it. Some More Amazing Fact Stan Lee & Marvel Comics: Facts You Should Know ·        He also has experience working as a playwright as he was a part of the team of the Training Film Division. And this, according to him, was enriching for him as he was working with some great talents like Frank Capra, Charles Addams, and others. ·        Once he had to spread a message against drugs. He came up with a story of his own in his next Spiderman comics. But because of the mention of drugs, the Comics Code Authority did not approve it. But Stan anyway went ahead with it and got his publisher to publish it. ·        Did you know that Hulk was gray? But an issue with the printers gave him the color green? Because of a hard time during printing, he decided to turn them all green. ·        Stan had a typewriter that he was in love with. It was the same one on which he wrote about some of his first characters like Spiderman and The Fantastic Four. But during an argument with his wife, she broke the typewriter in anger. ·        After moving to Los Angeles he kept the tapes containing all his interviews and lectures in a studio. But the building caught fire and everything that was in it burnt. What caused the light was never known, and no one ever found it. The post Stan Lee & Marvel Comics: Facts You Should Know appeared first on