Some Nature Facts That You Did Not Know

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You will be amazed to know some of the craziest things that happen on earth. Our planet is a fun planet to live on. Of course, it is also the only planet, until now, where human life exist. To make complicated we are surrounded by nature. Sometimes nature is at its best. Nature provides us with amazing things to see and view. It gives us a new description of life. This is why, you are encouraged to visit the wilderness once in a lifetime and learn more on nature. Here we have some amazing nature facts that you were not aware. Some Nature Facts That You Did Not KnowFew Nature Facts You Not Aware You would want to know that the trees on our planet are more than 12 times the stars that are present in the milky way. That has to be impressive. According to research, you have more than 400 billion stars in the galaxy. However, you have close to 1 trillion trees on earth. Sometimes it seems almost impossible to count the number of stars in the universe. When you find that difficult, then you need to wonder about the number of tress on our planet. According to scientist, you had more than 4 human species living at a time on earth. They took samples found in Chad, Kenya, Ethiopia, and based the research. Of course, the date given according to them was more than 3 million years ago. You would be amazed to know that shark kills less people than cows. That is truly amazing. Cows are considered to be scared animals according to some religions. However, cows cause deaths across the world. Research has shown that sharks can kill 5 individuals in a year. However, you will want to know that cows can kill more than 22 individuals in a year. Human beings are dangerous to their own as they kill more than 100 million sharks. Some Nature Facts That You Did Not KnowOther Nature Facts To Be Awe Like you see in movies people dying in the quicksand. However, that is most likely not to happen. Quicksand is only a few inches deep. No person can really drown inside. But, during the tidal basins, a person can get caught and die. The individual gets stuck and then when the tide rises, they get drowned. If you like to consume lobsters, then here is an exciting fact about them. You will want to know that lobsters do not expire due to old age. Scientist fail to agree on this. However, you will want to know that the lobster can live many years. Though trees have been there for more than 200 million years. There is no bacteria that can decompose them. The trees can grow up tall. Due to the root that is shallow, they can fall down without issues. Some Nature Facts That You Did Not KnowYou also had no microbes that could decompose trees. When they fall, they began to stack up on each other. When you like to consume pineapples, then you would want to know that they grow only after two years. You need to be afraid of mosquitoes because they can kill more than million people globally. The post Some Nature Facts That You Did Not Know appeared first on Fun Facts Club.