Sleep Paralysis Facts: Go To Sleep Safely

Have you ever experienced sleep paralysis? Let's face some horrible Sleep Paralysis Facts: Go To Sleep Safely and learn more. The post Sleep Paralysis Facts: Go To Sleep Safely appeared first on

Have you ever encountered sleep paralysis in your sleep? Let’s talk about some of its scary facts in this post. Sleep paralysis is like a nightmare that haunts us at night, and it can be too frightening to feel sometimes. Not all of us have experienced it but some who did, know how deadly it can be.  Here we will share some scary facts with you about the same. However, these facts are not for people with a weak heart. You can skip the post and find other posts on our blog if you don’t want to listen. But these facts are real and can keep up at night. Sleep Paralysis Facts: Go To Sleep Safely We all want to go to sleep safely after every day’s busy schedule, but the things which we are talking about here are not something you can count as safe. Sleeping paralysis is like when you wake up, but you can’t move, and it can give heart attacks to some people. Even if you have never experienced it, it is scary enough to listen to. But these facts are super exciting and informative that you will know everything about it even if you don’t know what it is. So, let’s begin. 1-It Feels Like You Are Already Dead Some surveys are done on the people who have already experienced it told that it kinds of feel like you woke up dead. It feels like your mind and soul is awake, but you are not because your body is not active anymore, it can’t move. 2- It Is Too Complicated To A Nightmare The nightmare has nothing comparable to what people experience in this situation. When you go to a night of deep REM sleep, your body relaxes for sometimes and almost go into a paralysis situation. This thing is also known as Atonia, which controls your body when you are having a nightmare so that you don’t hurt yourself. And if you talk about sleepwalking, it also includes in this context. And sometimes when you do weird things in your sleep, that means the Atonia is not working correctly. And the same thing happens while you are sleeping paralysis, your brain is active and so are your eyes but your rest of the body parts ain’t. However, due to some chest pressure, some people gasp for air after waking up from this vivid nightmare. And this drama can even last for a few minutes. 3- It Happens Either When You Wake Up All Go To Sleep Your body always goes to that REM sleep cycle when you are about fall or wake up from sleep. But if you are unable to make any of these transitions, you go into a horrible live nightmare. 4-It Can Also Involve Hallucinations Your dreams occur in your sleep, but hallucinations occur when you are half asleep and half awake. Hence, it is scary. Though it is scarce people experience it anyways. It is like you are freaking out because you can’t move and you see strange hallucinations on your surroundings. Very scary. Sleep Paralysis Facts: Go To Sleep Safely Sleep paralysis is a natural occurrence, and when it happens, it does not feel natural. It is rare but occurs with teenage or young adult people and people with previous mental illness. The post Sleep Paralysis Facts: Go To Sleep Safely appeared first on