Mythical Pokemon, Celebi, Appears in Pokemon GO

Following what was a groundbreaking first-time appearance of a mythical Pokemon to grace Pokemon GO—Mew—Celebi, another legendary monster in the Pokemon lore, is making an appearance for gamers.

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But while Pokemon GO players across the globe are ecstatic to hear this amazing news, not everyone is entitled to get the fabled Pokemon just yet. Specifically, only those who would participate in the Pokemon GO Fest which is held at Chicago are the ones eligible for the said event. The privilege to catch Celebi is accessible via the game’s Special Research following the event’s specific quest line.

Although attending the event may be easy enough for those within or around Chicago, players who actually attend must also have to go through the ordeal of traversing 1.8 miles of space across Chicago’s Lincoln Park while doing the 5 unique parts of the event.

The tasks themselves are simple and straightforward for the average Pokemon GO gamer: catch a variety of Pokemon, including the rather elusive Unowns. Yet, for anything that is worthwhile and with perceived value in the undertaking, getting Celebi requires hours and hours of patience and energy to complete each task.

While we cannot speak for all Pokemon GO players in general, but our personal experience with the event is one rife with the time-consuming and arduous process of moving around following a certain instruction and catching significant Pokemon.

For the sake of our readers, we break down the steps that are required for the undertaking of the event:

Step 1

  • Spin three (3) PokéStops or Pokémon Gyms
  • Earn a Buddy Candy while side-by-side with a partner Pokémon
  • Catch fifteen (15) Pokémon

Step 2

Catch ten (10) of the following Pokemon types:

    • fire-type Pokémon
    • water-type Pokémon
    • grass-type Pokémon
    • steel-type Pokémon
    • rock-type Pokémon
    • ice-type Pokémon

Step 3

  • Catch seven (7) Unown
  • Spin three (3) PokéStops
  • Hatch three (3) Eggs

Do note that each “step” mentioned in this article does not necessarily connote a “quest” in a 5-quest requirement of the event.

With this sudden appearance of Celebi, it nearly completes the list of the second generation of Pokemon which are now accessible in-game, with the exception of Smeargle who, surprisingly, is not shown just yet.

As a 1-day event, people only have until July to participate in the event and eventually go through each quest and ultimately coming across the legendary Pokemon to be catch and be a part of each player’s growing collection.

Fans of the franchise would recall Celebi as that legendary Pokemon from the second generation of Pokemon’s in either Pokemon Silver, Gold, or Crystal which subsequently was adopted for a movie which highlight’s Celebi’s power of controlling time.

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