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Getting a gift for your mom, or anyone else who loves cooking can be quite a daunting challenge.  They seem to have everything that you could possibly think of. Or it could be for yourself, you want to give your kitchen that splendid look.

The magnetic knife bar is just the perfect gift. It is made up of natural wood which has the feel and grain that brings out the charming beauty that cannot be compared to the synthetic look of stainless steel.

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What’s more, it comes in different sizes ranging from 10” to 36”. The magnetic knife bar runs all the way over the stripe. This gives you a very large area to hold more knives, jewelry, kitchen tools, workshop tools or even to display historic weapon collections regardless of the size of the magnetic knife bar.

This magnetic knife strip is very easy to fix and comes with superb installation hardware and instructions. It has an extra strong hold because the solid mounting holes in the face hold it securely to the wall or cabinet.

If you would like more space on your countertop, this should be the right product for you. This is because you can fix the magnetic strip on your walls or cabinets. No enough space on the walls? Don’t worry, you can use mounting tape to fix it at the side of the refrigerator.

One gripe about this product is that the plastic anchors which are included as part of the installation hardware, may not be suitable for all walls. This may force you to incur an additional cost of purchasing metal ones.


  • The magnetic knife bar is easy to install and does not need a lot of carpentry skills!
  • The magnetic knife strip has a mounting kit for installation onto the drywall or cabinets.
  • The magnetic bar is made of natural wood which gives it a charming look.
  • The knife bar is long enough and has magnetism at the edges giving you more space for the knives.
  • It keeps the knives sharp because it does not scratch or make them dull.
  • The magnetic knife strip helps to free up space on your countertop.
  • The wooden plugs over the mounting holes give a beautiful finish that is also charming.
  • The magnetism is strong enough to hold your knives and other kitchen tools in your motor-home while traveling.


  • The included plastic anchors may not be suitable for all walls.
  • It would be difficult to remove it from the wall without having to repaint them.
  • Some of the magnetic knife bars may not come with the installation hardware. You have to request again.
  • The magnetic strip may not hold heavier knives which may fall off occasionally.

The days of hunting for a perfect gift are finally over. No matter whom you want to give the magnetic knife bar, you can rest assured that it will be accepted. This is a product which will bring that charming look of natural solid wood into any kitchen.

Powerful Magnetic Knife Strip, Solid Wall Mount Wooden Knife Rack, Bar. Unique gift Made in USA (Walnut, 10")
Powerful Magnetic Knife Strip, Solid Wall Mount Wooden Knife Rack, Bar. Unique gift Made in the USA (Walnut, 10″)

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