How Should You Start Reading Batman Comics?

Batman is a character which many of us are in love with. Batman is originally a comic series from the DC comic world. The post How Should You Start Reading Batman Comics? appeared first on

Batman is a character which many of us are in love with. Batman is originally a comic series from the DC comic world. Later, it was adapted into several movies which became more popular compared to its comic version. How Should You Start Reading Batman Comics?However, the catch with the movies is not everything can be shown on the screen. This is because several things are not technically possible and some things are way too costly! Therefore, the fans of ‘film’ Batman series obviously turn to comics which have the stories in details. However, if you are completely new to this, then you must be looking for some help. So, go on and read this to find out which Batman comic you should pick. Some Facts About Batman Comics Batman is still an on-going seriesIt first appeared in May 1939.Batman grew his fan base by 1940sBatman came as the TV series in the 1960s.There are about 2500 Batman comicsSo, How Will You Start With Your Batman Comic Journey? You don’t have to read all the Batman comics which are published till now to know everything about Batman. Even if you skip comics you will still understand the continuity of the Batman comic story. Thus, the first one you should take a look is a quintessential classic, The Dark Knight Returns. Dark Knight Returns By Frank Miller This Batman comic basically covers the story where Batman returns after his retirement at the age of 55. It resumes his story after 20-30 years of his past ‘Batsy’ stuff. In this comic, Batman is an old and grumpy man. The Gotham city has turned into a disaster. So, something in his heart makes him feel that he needs to go back. The villain is a mutant leader who is trying to take over. Here, Batman’s relationship with his villains is provided in detail and with Superman in particular. If you wanted to know the details of the Batman vs. Superman fight then it’s in this comic.  Batman Man: Year One By Frank Miller How Should You Start Reading Batman Comics?If you have never read Batman comics then you should really read this one. This is the most important comic which you need to read to understand Batman fully. Moreover, David Mazzucchelli is the artist. His artworks are amazing and on point! You will get many other characters in here for example Cat Women and Jim Gordon. If you want to know the real origin story of Batman then this comic is a must. It is affordable and has the sharpest dialogues which will surely please any Batman fan.  Batman The Killing Joke By Alan Moore If you are a Joker fan then this is a comic you will fall in love with. It has Joker in his most scary avatar. In this story, Batman starts with interviewing Joker in the Arkham Asylum but he escapes. The story revolves around him trying to prove that if a person has one bad day, he or she will end up like Joker. When you will get to the end of the story you are sure to feel a chill down your spine. At the same time, you will find the Joker origin story even if it is in a very light way.  The New 52: Batman By Scott Snyder If you are looking for a modern take on the Batman comic then this is it! Here, you will find a group of new villains that have evolved in the Gotham city. They live for hundreds of years and resurrect every time. It also has amazing artworks that will keep you glued throughout. However, many have issues with how it ended. Hence, you will need to read it to find out. So, these are the Batman comics you may start with if you wish to know the Batman character in and out without really needing to read all the comics there is. The post How Should You Start Reading Batman Comics? appeared first on