FieldCoin: Creating the First Blockchain Based Land Marketplace


When it comes to acquisition of assets and property, land property acquisition is by far one of the hardest processes. The process itself can be so devastating, to say the least.

Well, Fieldcoin aims to take care of that. The Field coin project, the first of its kind, brings together three of the most recent economic innovations to create a stable transaction that ultimately eases the process of land and agribusiness acquisition. These three technologies are blockchain technology, 4.0 business technology, and crowdfunding.

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Blockchain technology has offered quite the solutions when it comes to various areas, particularly the financial and technology areas. The transparency and clarity that comes with using blockchain technologies are especially to be admired. The use of cryptocurrencies makes it easier to become less dependent on centralized systems and enable smooth peer to peer property exchanges in a decentralized system.


When it comes to land property and agribusiness acquisition, most land registries still use physical papers. Not only does this lead to possible loss of important document, it is also quite time-consuming given that all the documents have to be checked manually. Besides, the time lapse between the signing of contracts and the sale of the land offers no visibility whatsoever of the transaction.


Because Fieldcoin integrates blockchain technology in its day to day implementation, it is designed to deal with these challenges firsthand. Fieldcoin will create the first decentralized land property management global marketplace. This will, in turn, enable the integration of blockchain based registry systems so as to facilitate smooth transactions between individuals.


Of course, there are certainly other advantages that come with the innovation of Fieldcoin. The information on a blockchain cannot be tampered with. This combined with its transparency means that chances of fraud are significantly reduced. What’s more, through Fieldcoin, anyone in the world will be able to buy, rent and sell land. They will also be able to crowdfund agricultural projects as well as manage and diversify their land portfolios from any location in the world.


The cryptocurrency market is highly volatile and as a result, tokens can easily decrease in value. Because of this, Fieldcoin CEO, Marc Couzic, invented the trade back protocol. With this, you are assured that the Fieldcoin token price will not drop below a certain threshold. At the same time, the trade back token avoids cryptocurrency market dips making Fieldcoin a pivot for your cryptocurrency during market crises. Besides, Fieldcoin allows you to claim your assets in the physical property at a certain rate under the market price. It also gives the possibility of using your tokens on exchanges at lower risks and a great mid and long-term diversification opportunity.


The Trade Back benefit works in this way: should the price of the Fieldcoin token fall under the specified threshold of 80%, you get credited for future purchases. The credit is calculated as the difference between the set threshold and the market value of the token.


Fieldcoin is set to start an agricultural revolution and you should be part of this amazing pioneer project. If you would love to know a bit more about Fieldcoin, take a moment to watch this video.



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