Fashion Tips For Teen Girls

Teenage years can be confusing for teen girls especially when it comes to how they look. It’s important to teach teen girls to find their own style and make their own mark instead of trying to blend in with their peers.

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If you have a daughter that is starting to be fretting more about what she should wear or what kind of style will fit her looks, it is your job as a parent to let her know about the latest fashion styles that suit her.

Check out these fashion tips to teach your teen girls at home.

Colorful Layering

Layering is a popular fashion trend among teens.

  • Help your teen girl try out her colorful clothes all at the same time to find out which colors best suits here.
  • You can also tell her to wear colorful vests and match them with a colorful shirt or a jacket over the top.
  • Tell your daughter to match her colorful top with a plain denim and sneakers to go along with a colorful crossbody bag.

Striped Crop Top

Striped crop tops are making a big comeback as a go-to fashion trend for tends.

  • You can advise your teen girls to wear a striped crop top that has neutral colors such as white or black and pair it with plain denim.
  • You will want to tell your teen girl to keep her accessories or makeup light keeps the attention on their striped crop top.

Winter Color Matching

Your teen girl can take advantage of her colorful winter wardrobe to attained a structured, vibrant look.

  • Tell her to pair any of her winter outfits in a color of her choice. For instance, if she has a bright teal woolen scarf, she should pair it with a bright teal woolen cap.
  • Tell her to keep the rest of her look neutral so that she can highlight the parts of her outfit that have the same colors. A plain white shirt together a simple pair of denim will definitely blend with her color-coordinated look.

Basic Vest

The basic vest is a fashion accessory that would be really grateful for your teenage girl. So, make sure to get one for her.

  • A basic white vest, for instance, can easily match her other clothes in her wardrobe.
  • Let your teen girl try out a basic white vest and pair it with blue denim and a simple pair of sneakers.
  • Tell your daughter to be creative when using accessories to go along with her basic vest. The best thing about this look is that your teen girl can always add another fashion accessory of her choice over the top of the vest, like a scarf, a jacket, or a shawl.

Classic Denim Jacket

A classic denim jacket can definitely match with every other clothing in your teen girl’s wardrobe, so make sure to get one for her.

  • A classic denim jacket can either be fit or a little big for her. The size of the denim jacket doesn’t really matter as both will definitely look great on your daughter once she pairs it up with her other clothes from her wardrobe.
  • Your teen girl can also choose to wear the denim jacket over her dress or even over a formal attire. You see, a classic denim jacket will always suitable for your teen girl regardless of her look.


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