Essential Nutrients That We Need Daily

There is a daily requirement of nutrients in the body which should be fulfilled for a healthy living. The post Essential Nutrients That We Need Daily appeared first on

Our body is all made of cells. These so many thousands of cells need specific nutrients compulsory in order to function and keep our body alive and healthy. These nutrients are called essential because they cannot be manufactured in our bodies. Therefore, we need to supply it from outside through the food we take in. These essential nutrients that we need daily can be obtained solely from our diet. So make sure that you eat these nutrients daily. Essential Nutrients That We Need Daily But for that, we need to eat such a balanced diet. And if it is not manageable then there are few of these nutrients available in the form of medications that we can take as supplements to overcome the deficiency. For better understanding, we have listed down below all the essential nutrients that we need daily for our body to survive. Carbohydrates – The Most Essential Among Nutrients These fall under the category of macronutrients. That means they are needed in more amount and therefore also make a bigger part of our diet. Together with sugar, starch, and fiber are known as carbohydrates. They are as essential as anything else in the diet. But the key is to balance them with other nutrients. Having too many carbohydrates or solely carbohydrates is as bad as no carbohydrates at all. Therefore, once should eat complex carbohydrates that also have fiber in it. But have them in your diet because it is the fuel you need. Protein – The Building Block Among Nutrients Protein is also a macronutrient that we need for our muscles, skin, hair, bone and pretty much everything. Our body takes out 20 amino acids from the protein that we eat. And uses it to make our hormones. Our enzymes and antibodies are made from the same. Even our DNA has the demand for protein. There are two types of proteins, essential and non-essential. And like we said before the 9 essentials ones need to be taken from outside. The rest our body can make. Essential Nutrients That We Need Daily Fat Fat is needed by the body daily. It uses it to build our cells, clot the blood, to make our muscles move and maintain our sugar level.  It also helps our brain keep functioning and tends to keep us safe from cancers and arthritis. There is a lot of talk about how fat makes you fat. Well, anything off balance is not good for sure. But that doesn’t make it unwanted. Fats are highly essential are need to be taken in the right proportions. Vitamins Apart from vitamin D and vitamin K that gets produced within us, all the rest we need to get from outside. This micronutrient also needs to be kept going in us since they tend to pass out through urine quite early. Thus, supplements are suggested by doctors. Essential Nutrients That We Need Daily Minerals Minerals are the inorganic micronutrients that need to be provided to the body. They are essential for bones and other hard structures such as teeth. They help in muscle activity and also in energy management. Water Though not a nutrient, it is very essential for our body that is 60% water if not more than that. Therefore, it is essential and everything else is of no use without water. Thus, these are the essential nutrients that should be taken in on a daily basis. So pay attention to them and plan your food accordingly. The post Essential Nutrients That We Need Daily appeared first on