Electronic Technology That Changed the Way We Experience the World for the Better


Pampered with the best technology to date, can you imagine living in a world without electronic gadgets? While some of the amenities brought about by technology are mostly optional, some would probably find it difficult to fathom what life is like without them.

Modern people who had not experienced not having the benefits of a smartphone, the computer, or the internet would find the idea rather absurd and a thought not worth entertaining. Yet, a few decades ago, that was indeed the case.

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Let us take a look at some of the electronic technology that revolutionized the way we experience the world.


The Internet

At a time when the only best source of information comes from printed materials like books, newspapers, and magazines, a place like a library was what is today’s Google. However, with the advent of the internet and its subsequent commercialization, finding answers for almost every question has become as simple as typing queries on a search engine.

Some people of today may take the internet for granted, especially when slow. But imagine not having it altogether and at the same time be a person hungry for information. That was indeed the case for every person back at a time when the internet was still not conceived from the drafting board.


The Computer

The development of what is today a technological marvel has been hundreds of years of the painstaking process from various civilizations and people. Even today, not many people are aware of the full picture as to how the computer works which makes for an irony for something that is commonplace in many places.

Yet, who could deny of the benevolence which the computer generously gives when much of our clerical tasks are made easier by it? And that is only scratching the surface of the countless benefits our society gets from this modernized electronic contraption.

Smart Devices

Go back at a time when wireless phones were not a thing, let alone the more advanced smart devices, and imagine needing to make a long-distance call at home. When landline phones were still a major thing, this might imply putting an effort getting to the nearest booth and even queueing up in a lane if there were others wanting to use the phone as well.

While people at the time do not know better as the first wireless and portable phone was not even commercially released until 1983, people of today would find it much of a hassle to go through the similar effort.

Our present-day smart devices, however, is more than just a miniature version of the portable, it also encompasses capabilities that are truly a boon for day-to-day use.

Satellite Communication

At a time when most communications are only conducted between two or multiple people in close proximity, long-distance interaction encompassing miles of length is a farfetched idea.

That was indeed the case until science finally said otherwise—satellite communication. Much of the data transfers and broadcasting that happens across the globe routes through it.

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