Cooking For One: The Perfect Guide

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We all have a busy life today. And it happens very often that we get back home late from work and are all alone. Because of this, we have no desire to get the pots and the pans out to cook for yourself. But before you again decide to go for the classic mac and cheese, just wait and read this. Cooking for one is not that bad and difficult. It might sound like the most boring and tedious task one can do, but it isn’t. It just requires a single trip to the store to pick up all the necessary things. And once you have them you can get the most delicious food on your table. The Importance Of Pantry While Cooking For One Cooking For One: The Perfect Guide When you are cooking for one, it is important to stock up your pantry. Make sure that you have all the basic stuff available in your pantry. This includes all the types of grains, pasta, different types of rice, and even quinoa. The next thing which you should surely have is some low on sodium vegetables and chicken. Make sure that you also have enough canned beans including the likes of garbanzo beans, kidney beans, and black beans. You also need to have canned tomatoes at home all the time. Another important ingredient if you are regularly cooking for one is nuts. Make sure you have almonds, cashews, pistachios, dry fruits, dried cherries, apricots and much more. Have some peanut butter, almond butter, and sunflower butter along with all types of herbs and spices and salts. Filling Up Your Refrigerator Cooking For One: The Perfect Guide Once you are ready with your pantry, the next thing to move to is the fridge. While cooking for one there are certain ingredients that can help. And it is important to store them with yourself all the time. Things can last for a long time if you store them properly in a fridge. And when you are only cooking for one, this really can be a blessing. Make sure that everything you buy has a long expiry date and can last for a few weeks at least. Make it a habit to check the expiry date of all the products regularly. To stock yourself up, there are certain things which you must have in your fridge. Make sure that you regularly buy eggs and butter for yourself. Apart from this keep a stock of Greek or plain yogurt. The most important things which you should have are milk and cream. Also, ensure that you keep ketchup and soy sauce in your refrigerator regularly. In addition to this keep honey and vinegar well stocked. The Freezer Another important part that should always be stocked with the essentials is the freezer. Make sure that you do not forget it and utilize it efficiently. You can keep frozen fruits like strawberries, pineapple, and mango in your freezers. You can also keep frozen vegetables like spinach and corn in them. Make sure that you stock frozen garlic, herbs, and bread. Keeping ice cream in the freezer can also help you extensively. The post Cooking For One: The Perfect Guide appeared first on