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Children are naturally curious about the world that surrounds them and at this stage of their growth, it is important that we feed that hunger for knowledge. There are a lot of mediums for learning, but nothing could really beat the fun that toys offer. Educational toys for children are widely available in the market but the challenge comes in finding the toy that will grab their interest. But do not fret; we list a number of educational toys that you must have been looking for- challenging, creative and brain-tickling. These will surely hold their interests perfect for the youngsters that crave knowledge.

My First Mind Blowing Science Kit Manufactured by Scientific Explorer

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The word “Experiment” is such a wonderful word for children. It means they could get to mix stuff and be just messy. But anyway, that’s just one of the glorious picture of what experimenting could do.  This experiment kit represents the STEM principles which are very helpful for young chemists! They will be able to perform basic chemical reactions. This kit includes chemicals for the reactions, so supervision of an adult is needed. A step-by-step instruction guide included in this kit and after each experiment, you could refer to the activity guide to answer how and why you got such reactions. 

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4M Crystal Growing Experimental Kit

Crystal growth is a fascinating phenomenon that occurs in nature… and inside your own house as well. This crystal growing kit is a must-have for children and adults alike who want to learn the complexities of crystal growths. You could conduct seven individual crystal growing experiments in this kit. Children interested in geology will truly love this; they could watch their crystal grow in a display dome provided in the kit. They could mix compounds to grow crystals displaying different colors.

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Crowded Waters

Reviewed by users as fun packed and a high-quality board game, this educational toy indeed is brain tickling. This is designed for two players, they need to plan and strategize on how to trap the opponent. The last one with still room to swim is the victor.  This game really would get those mental juices stirring. Visual thinking and decision making skills will be your assets in this game. 

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National Geographic Break Open 10 Geodes

Breaking stuff is really a fun endeavor of children, pun intended. But in this game kids get to break rocks, not just ordinary ones but Geodes. This is for the kids with the love for earth sciences, specifically geology.  This kit includes 10, 100% natural geodes that could be the size of a tennis or ping-pong ball, which is a perfect size for kids. Together with a learning guide on details on how geodes are formed. This kit is provided by National Geographic that ensures each aspiring scientist fun education opportunities. The whole family could also join in the fun of cracking the geodes up.

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Thames & Kosmos Optical Science

Let the children dive into the world of optical science. This kit offers amazing views of optical illusions that will truly fascinate the learners. In this kit, they will be able to build a color wheel, a fiber optic peacock, and diffraction glasses. This will let them explore and learn the science of human perception, with 25 experiments that can be conducted in this kit and a 48-page full-color manual.

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Think Fun Math Dice Junior Game

A “Teachers Favorite and Toy of the Year Nominee”, this educational medium of learning is a gameplay that will sharpen the child’s critical thinking.  Learning math now made fun with this dice game. Made from high-quality materials, this educational toy also comes with an easy instructional manual. Children who love math games will find this game highly enjoyable. 

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Think Fun Rush Hour Traffic Jam Logic Game

This educational toy is also an award winner and an international bestseller. A STEM toy designed to challenge beginners as well as the experts. The goal of this game is to get the red car, which each player has, to the exit. The challenge comes with how well you’ll be able to think and plan to get the blocking cars and trucks out of the way. 

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Riddle Cube the Game

Imagination is the limit with this award-winning game. Challengers get to challenge each other into mind-building challenges. The goal is to transform the riddle cubes into the shapes of what the card challenges the player to build, like a house or a spaceship! Whoever gets to match five challenge cards first, wins. This is time-pressured which helps build problem-solving skills and encourage good sportsmanship, in a fun-packed game.

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Tangram Puzzle

Made from durable materials this brain teaser will truly excite not just the kids but the whole family.  This comes with a set of 12 puzzles with levels of difficulty for the beginners and advanced. Promotes abstract thinking and spatial intuition, what the players need to do is use all the pieces without overlapping them. This classic game, dosed with a modern twist is a great mental training exercise for all ages.

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Puzzle Baron’s Logic Puzzle

A recommended for kids who like good logic puzzles. This 200-grid-based logic puzzles stuffed with fun teasers in a range of levels, from easy to difficult will surely challenge the mind’s competence. Players will be able to use pure reasoning bringing out each challenger’s competitive side in hours of pure challenging fun.

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Gravity Maze Marble Run Logic Game

Put your reasoning and spatial skills to the test with this award-winning game that is loved by children and adults alike. Players aim their marble to the desired tower by constructing a path that will get it there. Each must tap on their logic on how to do that. The towers can be fashioned into a variety of structures. This game comes with beginner to expert-level challenges that inevitably become difficult throughout the whole round. This STEM toy will indeed get those mental juices brewing but not without the fun. 

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