Beginner’s Guide To Freshwater Aquarium Fish Species

If some beginner is looking forward to keeping an aquarium, then we have discussed a few species in this article they can go for. The post Beginner’s Guide To Freshwater Aquarium Fish Species appeared first on

So, if you are looking forward to fishkeeping, then you must take a look at the different kind of fish species you can own in your freshwater aquarium. Guppy Fish Species Beginner’s Guide for Freshwater Aquarium Fish Species Guppies are one of the fanciest fishes in freshwater aquarium. They are most popular as well as they are adorable and bright in colour. They do not take much time in multiplying themselves from 5 to 50. They are natural to take care and even the first and a great choice of aquarium owners. Because of their small size, they adjust quite well in a small tank. They are very peaceful, and around 10 gallons of water must be sufficient for them. Mollies Fish Species Mollies are widely known for their variety of colour. They are similar to guppies. They are easy to keep and survive in most conditions. Mollies reproduce very quickly and are bit large, so need a little more space. They are omnivorous, so they eat anything you feed them. As they are available in many colours so beginners can easily find a colour in this species as per their aquarium. Swordtails Fish Species Beginner’s Guide for Freshwater Aquarium Fish Species They are the livebearers as well. Swordtails are often group with mollies and guppies. The male swordtails have a tail ending up like a sword. This is the reason they are named as “Swordtails”. This characteristic of them makes them look completely different from other species. They also reproduce quickly and are considered to be a peaceful species as well. They can adjust to every environment. Swordtails are easy to take care of and are friendly as well. Neon Tetra Species The neon tetra is one the prettiest species among all. They have a tiny size so they can be kept in small tanks also. Neons can adapt to all types of water conditions, and 10 gallons of water is more than enough for them. They are bright in, and if beginners want a lively aquarium, then neon tetra is the right choice. Betta Fish Species Betta fish is widespread and known fish to everyone, no matter you own an aquarium or not. It is famous for its color variations, versatile nature, and different personality. It can even survive in small bowls and needs a minimum of 5 gallons of water. There are a few ways which you must read about keeping betta fish in a better way. Goldfish Species Beginner’s Guide for Freshwater Aquarium Fish Species Goldfish is the most common and popular one among all. People do love to keep goldfish in their aquarium, but there are few facts which everyone must be aware of. Goldfish sleeps with eyes wide opened. It needs -30 gallons of water and requires a large tank. It can last up to 45 years if taken care well. However, they are easy to keep. African Cichlids Species This species is known as mouthbrooders. They hold their offspring in the mouth for 3-4 weeks. If you are looking for something unique, then go for this species. It is very unusual to watch and observe and mostly found in yellow, peacock and zebra color. The post Beginner’s Guide To Freshwater Aquarium Fish Species appeared first on