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If you like spending some time off to relax on your bed, then you know that there’s nothing more frustrating than just getting settled in only for you to realize that the book you are currently reading is far from your reach. Or perhaps you have nowhere to place your coffee mug. Well, the bedside shelf may be just what you need.


Seeing as I was spending so much time on my bed, I needed something to hold the items I used most. It was then that I decided to go buy the bedside shelf from bedshelfie.


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The bedshelfie is quite easy to use. Getting it attached to your bedside is easy and the best part is that you do not require any tools. It comes with a strong and versatile clamp that allows you to attach to a bed frame of up to 2.1 inches. You do not have to worry about marring your bed frame. The bedshelfie comes equipped with thick felt padding on areas where it will attach to your bed frame.


My most important bedside items are quite a number and they can be quite heavy. I was a bit worried that the shelf wouldn’t be able to take it all. However, The shelf is sturdy enough. It can easily hold up to 15 pounds. This means I am able to have all my important items within my reach as I relax on my bed.


I love using my phone while I relax on the bed and the last thing I want is to leave just so I can charge my phone. This bedside tray helped me solve that. It comes with two wire slots for charging, meaning I do not have to get out of bed during my relax period.


Although it is made of bamboo, this bedside tray is quite durable. You can be assured that you will use it for a couple of years before you have to discard it. Its size is also a huge bonus as it allows you to hold several items including a laptop.


The only thing I did not like about this bedside shelf was that it easily gets dislodged. I had a mattress that did not entirely fit into the frame, and because of this, I did not trust keeping my electronic gadgets on it. You also have to be very careful when moving about in the room. Bumping into the tray could also dislodge it.



  • It has a simple minimalist and unique design
  • Its versatility allows you to keep a variety of your most important bedside items
  • You can keep items of up to 15 pounds thanks to its sturdiness
  • If you are trying to save up on your space, this can be a great help. You can easily use it as your bedside table.
  • It has 2 wire slots that you can use for charging as you relax on your bed.



  • It easily gets dislodged from the bed frame
The Original BedShelfie Bedside Shelf - 3 Colors / 2 Sizes - AS SEEN ON Business Insider
The Original BedShelfie Bedside Shelf – 3 Colors / 2 Sizes – AS SEEN ON Business Insider

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