Anxiety Disorder: Causes, Treatment and Prevention

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In today’s fast-moving world, anxiety disorder treatment is a major concern. People are feeling, more stressed, and anxious. When you are facing a problem, or before taking an exam, you feel stressed and anxious. They are normal emotions during this time. Moreover, anxiety disorders are a group of mental illnesses and the distress that disturb your normal life. Peoples who are continuously in a state of worry and fear are suffering from an anxiety disorder. But with treatment and proper medication, many people manage those feelings and lives a peaceful life. Anxiety Disorder: Causes, Treatment and Prevention Types of Anxiety Disorders Anxiety disorder has different mental conditions: Panic disorder. This is one of the kinds of anxiety disorder in which a person has frequent random attacks of fear. Moreover, during a panic attack, you may have chest pain, sweat, and have irregular heartbeats. You may feel like you are having a heart attack and choking.Social anxiety disorder. It is also known as social phobia; this happens when you are worried about everyday social situations. Moreover, you feel judged by society or on a state of embarrassed or ridiculed.Specific phobias. You will have a fear of a certain situation or objects, such as darkness, heights. Generalized anxiety disorder. You will take excessive stress or unrealistic worry with little or no reason. Symptoms Of Anxiety Disorder However, there are some general symptoms related to Anxiety: Constant fear and worryPanicsSleeping problemsNot feeling Calm and relaxBreathing issuesIrregular HeartbeatsDry mouthNauseaDizziness Causes The exact cause of anxiety disorders is not known. However, doctors will examine and look for changes in your brain, stress, and even your genes. Moreover, your disorders can be genetic and could be due to faulty circuits in your brain that control emotions. Diagnosis Furthermore, If you are finding symptoms of anxiety disorders, you should consult to a doctor; he will examine your condition and check your medical history. However, you have to go through certain tests to find symptoms that caused you the illness. After examining your condition, the doctor may send you to a psychologist or mental health professional. Moreover, these doctors will ask you various questions and will do some test. Anxiety Disorder: Causes, Treatment and Prevention Anxiety Disorder Treatment For treating anxiety disorder, your doctor may prescribe you medication or various therapies: Medication:  Your doctor may prescribe you antidepressants that can work for anxiety disorders. They include drugs like escitalopram and Prozac. Moreover, if you have epilepsy attacks, they can prescribe you anticonvulsant medicines and low-dose of antipsychotic drugs which can help you feel better. Anxiolytics are also used to reduce Anxiety. Clonazepam and alprazolam are some common medication for social or generalized anxiety disorder.Psychotherapy: Some time doctor will refer you for counseling and medication both to control emotional response. Moreover, a mental health professional will help you with dealing with the condition.Cognitive-behavioral therapy: This is one of the widely used psychotherapies for controlling symptoms of anxiety disorder. Meanwhile, It teaches you how to recognize and change thought patterns and behaviors. The post Anxiety Disorder: Causes, Treatment and Prevention appeared first on Just to Grow.