5 Top Bikini Companies Every Girl Should Know


Every girl has her own dream of wearing a bikini someday, regardless of their sizes. You will find tons of bikini companies in the market today offering different kinds of styles, colors, designs and of course sizes for all girls. If you wish to find the best provider for such product then better start doing the good old way of comparison shopping. This way you will be able to compare their offers and products with one another. So we gathered the best among the rest companies which you could check out today.

Here are the top 5 bikini companies every girl should know

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Victoria’s Secret

We are all familiar with the works and crafts of this company that has been out in the market since 1977. This company has been considered to be women’s largest retailer in the market. They are not only known for lingerie but also with swimwear. They promote and introduced their new products in the market by having a fashion show of their so-called ‘Victoria’s angels’. Their products are always on the top of the line when it comes to quality and designs. They used to promote their bikinis online alone but now you will be able to make a purchase on-site stores easily. If you are into that sexy and lacey bikini then Victoria’s Secret will be your best friend.

Triumph International

It was founded in 1886 and it is considered to be an international retailer of bikinis. They are not only known for their brassiere and bikinis but also with their shapewear. They are also known for their manufactured sports bra. This bikini company was the largest retailer in Germany. It was 1977 when they developed their first set of sleepwear for women. They also distribute their products under the brand names of sloggi and BeeDees. Triumph International is also very much is known in the Asian countries. Triumph International is also known for its basic and simple designs and styles.


If you wish to get the most competitive company for swimwear and bikini then you come at the right place. This company was introduced and run by competitive swimmers. They are known for their high quality swimwear and bikinis. They produced swimwear for aquatic sports with the use of their ever popular dye sublimation technique. This company is also one of the most approved bikini business by the FINA. If you are into this kind of bikini material then better opt for Agonswim.

Bare Necessities

The said company was established in 1988 in New Jersey where they introduced their first line of bikinis, swimwear, and loungewear. Bare Necessities was, in fact, the second largest online retailer of bikinis next to Victoria’s Secret. They also carry other brands such as Bali, Wacoal, SPANX, Calvin Klein and much more. Bare Necessities is actually even known when it comes to the wide array of sizes and styles of bikinis and brassieres which starts from 28 to 56-inch bands and from an AA cup to N Cup. So if you are on the wide side of bikini and brassieres then this company will surely answer your needs in no time at all.

Curvy Kate

One of the biggest problems of girls today is, in fact, their curves. If you are on the curvy side of the world then Curvy Kate will be your best friend forever! Curvy Kate is a lingerie line distributing high-quality bikinis and brassieres for women who love their curves. The said company has been established in 2008. They are also known for their annual fashion show competition called “Star In A Bra” wherein they search for curvy girls to model for their bikini and brassieres line. So if you are one of that curvaceous goddess then Curvy Kate will be the best place for you, be it with bikini or brassieres.

Speedo International Limited

Speedo International Limited is an Australian line of swimwear that was established way back 1914. They are very much popular when it comes to durable and high-quality swimwear and bikinis. In fact, they often got to be one of the many sponsors of special swimming events in the world. They are not only popular with their swimwear and bikinis but also with their footwear which you could use on the beach. So if you are into that athletic type swimwear and bikinis then better opt for this manufacturer and you will never go wrong.

Now that you have learned the top 5 bikini companies, why not check them all out and see which one will cater you the best product. Summer is here and now is the best time to show off that bod!

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