5 Signs He Loves You

“Uncover The Mystery Behind His Actions Towards You”


Are you currently dating a guy or someone who has so much interest in you but you are not sure about his true intentions towards you? If you want to know if he truly loves you without asking him or if he’s only after your body, pay attention to the following five sure signs he loves you and evaluates your relationship if both of you can have a potential future together.

 He always thinks about you

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This is one of the signs he loves you. When a man loves you, you are always on his mind. He thinks about you every single hour every day. He usually thinks how you have been doing all day, what your favorite stuff is and how he can make you happy. He can’t get enough thinking about you even when he’s at work, at school, at somewhere else. When a man always thinks about you, he will always have time to communicate with you to release every thought in his mind towards you and he will let you know that he keeps on thinking about you. Many men think of someone sexually or physically towards their partners sometimes but a man who is in love usually thinks of how he can please his woman and satisfy her not only physically but as well as emotionally and psychologically. If he lets you know that he is often thinking about you, he wants you to be aware of his feelings and feel the same way.

He is always alive and enthusiastic

One of the signs he loves you is that he is always energetic and enthusiastic in almost all areas of his life. When a man is madly in love with you, his level of energy is always high, as high as someone who takes cocaine or other illegal drugs because of the presence of chemicals that is produced in the body when in love. These chemicals that affect the behavior of a person are called dopamine, serotonin. Dopamine acts as a neurotransmitter that controls and activates the pleasure areas of the brain, making a person energetic and full of positivity. Another chemical that affects a person when in love is the serotonin. Serotonin stabilizes a person’s mood. Studies show that it helps regulate sleeping and eating habits, heals wounds and reduces the risk of depression and anxiety. The more serotonin you have, the less likely you are prone to mental and emotional disorders. You are open to learn and absorb new things and your perception of everything is highly positive.

He respects and honors you

A man who loves you will respect you. He will respect your time, your priorities, your decisions, your personal goals and your principles because he is lowering his pride and ego to win your heart. In fact, men and women have different expression and perception of love. Men generally express love towards their partners through physical intimacy while women typically perceive love through emotional fulfillment. When a man loves you, he knows how to please you well and satisfy you emotionally by respecting and honoring your values. He respects everything about you because he knows that it causes you discomfort, disappointment, and insecurity. He knows your strengths and he understands your weaknesses. These are definitely one of the sure signs he loves you.

He prioritizes you

Another obvious sign he loves you is that he makes you his priority. We all have many and different priorities in life but nothing is impossible to a man who is in love and feel loved by his woman. When he prioritizes you, he makes time to be with you no matter how busy he is from his work, business, or career. He makes sure that you don’t feel insecure and alone when you are together because his attention is being focused on you. Moreover, he wants to satisfy you and to know you deeply that is why he prioritizes you. Prioritizing someone makes a relationship grow deeper and stronger because you can have enough time to know the person well and fulfill each need. One way of a man to prioritize his partner is that he is willing to take a risk and sacrifice his own happiness for the sake of your happiness. He is willing to meet and know your close friends and family to get along with.

He is generous and talks about his future with you

The most obvious of all the signs he loves you is that he is generous towards you. He is willing to give everything that he can to make you smile and he talks about his future with you. If a man loves you, he is not afraid to talk about his future together with you because he is confident of his feelings towards you. He wants you to be part of his life-long journey. He is willing to work hard and earn more for your future. He is willing to provide your needs emotionally, physically, spiritually, mentally and financially. There is also a tendency that he is willing to give up his pride, his negative behavior, hobbies and even his career to be with you.


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