The Best Nintendo Games of All time

Right now there are already lots of new Nintendo games in the industry, and let me just tell you that everyone including myself loves them so much.

But despite that, we all know that nothing can ever beat the classics. I mean sure, these classic games are already old games, and the younger generations would rather try out the new games. Rarely do young people take interest in games that came out back before they were even born.

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But I also know of some people who tried playing these kinds of games despite being old games, and they happened to like it very much, up to the point of actually playing these games as frequent as they play the new games. And I also know some mature folks who still love playing classic games until now.

It may be hard to admit but the truth is that the classic games are one of the best games a person can ever play. Sure, new ones will soon come out but these types of games are the kind of games no one will ever get tired of playing.

With that said, let me share with you some of my favorite Nintendo games of all time.

Advance Wars

You would think that war games are usually the type of games that game nerds play on the PC. With that, war games have already become quite a generic game. However, Nintendo, thanks to the help of its brilliant developers, managed to figure out a way to make Advance Wars a bit more interesting and challenging to play as a handheld device.

Donkey Kong

The thing about Nintendo games is that they have a habit of making the player keep on doing something until finally getting to the finish line.

Some people say that Donkey Kong was the game where this habit all began. The developers must have been pretty brilliant. I mean, the concept is really quite simple. You only need to keep on running and avoid the obstacles until you free the princess. For something so simple, it has the capacity to bring smiles to people’s faces.

Super Metroid

This one is a pretty odd game. The reason is that Nintendo is known for creating games that feature women as damsels in distress. You know? Girls, you needed a hero to rescue them? But Super Metroid does not fit that genre.

As a matter of fact, the main character of this game is the hero. Of course, the main character is obviously a woman. She is equipped with different tools to help her defeat her enemies. But while it is an odd game, you cannot deny that it is one of the most enjoyable games you will ever play.

Mario Kart 8

Nowadays, there are already better games than this one, but when this game first came out, people were practically crazy about it.

It was the first time you could play something like this that was in HD. It was amazing. I know there are already plenty of alternatives, but this is still something you need to try to play if you haven’t already.

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